CFA Institute Research Challenge

Team Presentations

Regional teams must submit their final presentations and print-ready slides by their specified time by region. Because of the large number of presentations submitted, we will not confirm with each team that their files have been received. We will only contact teams in which there are issues. The deadlines are as follows:

EMEA – 8:00 PM Amman time on Wednesday, 25 March
Americas – 8:00 PM New York time on Monday, 13 April

You will be submitting two files:

  1. Final presentation: the version that will be loaded onto a computer and you will present from in front of the judges.
  2. Print-ready slides: the version that is physically provided to the judges. Print-ready slides should be non-animated, must not include your appendix slides, and must be in PDF format.

Your slides must include citations. Presentations without citations will not be accepted. By citations we mean that on slides where you’re referring to data used, you must source it. For example, if you have a chart that was created using data from Bloomberg, that slide should say “Source: Bloomberg” on it somewhere. See the 2019 Global Champion presentation from Ateneo de Manila University as an example.

Submitted slides are transferred to the specific computer you will be presenting from. They are tested by CFA Institute staff to ensure they are working properly. Teams will not have an opportunity to view the slides prior to their presentation. Also, keep in mind that we will not allow you to swap out your presentation or make small changes to the slides following the deadline.

Technology Information:

  • Presentation computers will be equipped with PowerPoint 2016. Presentations must be in PowerPoint or PDF format. PowerPoint presentations slides should be set to the widescreen (16:9) size.
  • Speakers will not be provided.
  • During the semifinal round, teams will be provided with a laptop on a podium with a mouse and one slide advancer. Microphones won’t be provided as the rooms are small enough that they aren’t necessary. You may only use the equipment provided. Do not bring in your own slide advancer, laser pointer, or laptop.
  • During the final round, the teams presenting will be provided with a laptop on a podium with a mouse, one slide advancer, two handheld microphones, one podium microphone, and a comfort monitor.

Judge Information:

  • Judges have not seen your reports and likely don’t know much about your subject company.
  • Judges will receive copies of your presentation slides (not including the appendix) on an e-reader. We only provide the non-appendix slides because it is not practical for judges to flip through appendix slides during your presentation.
  • Teams are not permitted to hand anything to the judges.
  • Teams are permitted to shake the judges’ hands.

Slide Submission Information:

  • As you know, unlike your reports, you are permitted to update the content of your presentation slides between the local level and regional competition to reflect the current market and any changes to your analysis.
  • Presentations will be submitted via the form links provided above. Presentations sent via email will not be accepted.
  • Save your slides as “University Name_presentation” and “University Name_print” before submitting them.
  • Students are not authorized to use the CFA Institute logo. If slides are submitted with the logo it will be removed or covered up. Any disruptions caused as a result will be the team’s responsibility – not CFA Institute’s.
  • The name of the competition is the CFA Institute Research Challenge and can only be referred to by that name. Variations of this name, including, but not limited to the Investment Research Challenge, the CFA Challenge, or the Global Research Challenge, will be removed or covered up. Any disruptions caused as a result will be the team’s responsibility – not CFA Institute’s.

Other Important Reminders:

  • Teams have been randomly placed in a semifinal room and presentation time. Room assignments will be distributed onsite.
  • Teams are not permitted to use props, but may utilize presentation note cards, if necessary.
  • A timekeeper will give a silent one-minute warning during the presentation session.
  • Time limits will be strictly enforced. If ten minutes expire before you’ve completed your presentation or answered a question, you will not be permitted to finish.