Public Safety

CFA Institute Concern for Public Safety

We know how important safety is to our Participants. We share this interest in providing a respectful and safe environment conducive to discussion and networking. To this end, please note that CFA Institute partners with trained security and safety providers. CFA Institute selects conference sites deemed reasonably safe for all Participants after assessing : i) physical security at the event venue; ii) transport to and from the venue; iii) political and security environments of the event city; iv) the event facility and personnel; v) and the emergency response and evacuation procedures offered by the venue and local authorities.

All these items are reviewed and continuously evaluated and monitored prior to and during any conference. However, circumstances can change rapidly and without warning at any time. Although CFA Institute makes every effort to address security at our events, we do not guarantee physical security at our events. Attendees attend our events at their own risk.

A CFA Institute Incident Coordinator will be onsite at all times to ensure close coordination between our intelligence sources and onsite venue security to maintain smooth and efficient communications in accordance with our safety procedures.