CFA Institute Research Challenge


Research Challenge Attendee Policy: All attendees must be registered and name badges are required for admittance to the event. Attendees must be registered no later than two weeks prior to the event. CFA Institute encourages teams to travel with supporters, however please be aware of the guest policy, as not all attendees can participate in all events.

Guest Policy: Supporters are welcome to attend team presentations, so long as they register for the event. Guests will not be permitted to attend the kickoff meeting, lunch, receptions, or any other scheduled sessions, as these are closed events.

Attendees that receive complimentary registration and access to receptions: Attendees that may only attend the competition rounds:
  • Participating students
  • Team sponsored guest: faculty adviser or industry mentor
  • Faculty adviser or industry mentors not traveling as the team sponsored guest
  • Judges
  • Graders
  • Host coordinators
  • Society leaders and members
  • Verified employees of participating universities
  • Verified Research Challenge alumni
  • Sponsors/exhibitors, as approved
  • Other professors/university employees, as approved
  • Employers, as approved
  • Investment management professionals, as approved
  • Press, as approved
  • Supporting students
  • Friends
  • Family members

Professional business attire is expected throughout the conference.