CFA Institute Research Challenge

Virtual Competition


Teams are randomly assigned to compete in one of five semifinal breakout rooms. Room assignments can be found below:

Asia Pacific

Semifinal Scores will be based 50% on report score and 50% on presentation score. Because the presentations will be prerecorded, we have removed the Question & Answer category from the score sheet. Based on the combination of scores, one team from each semifinal breakout room will advance to the Regional Final.

Teams are permitted to update their presentations between the local and regional rounds.

Presentation Details

Teams will utilize Zoom Virtual Meeting software to record their semifinal presentations. One of many reasons Zoom was chosen is because it allows teams to connect from their individual locations, so the team does not need to gather for their presentation. Directions for using the tool can be found here. Teams are advised to spend ample time acquainting themselves with the software and doing practices runs.

When submitting your presentations, you will need to submit the following:

  • Video file of your team presentation
  • PowerPoint presentation file: the version that you have presented from in your video
  • Print-ready presentation file: the version that is physically provided to the judges. Print-ready slides should be non-animated, must not include your appendix slides, and must be in PDF format.

Americas presentations are due Sunday, 5 April at 8:00 PM New York time.

The Asia Pacific advancement announcement will be on Tuesday, 17 March 2020 via email.
The EMEA advancement announcement will be on Tuesday, 31 March 2020 via email.
The Americas advancement announcement will be on Friday, 17 April 2020 via email.

Regional Final

The winner from each semifinal room will advance to the Regional Final.

The Asia Pacific Regional Final will begin at 12:00 PM Seoul time on Thursday, 19 March 2020.
The EMEA A Regional Final will be held at 11:00am United Kingdom time on Thursday, 2 April 2020.
The EMEA B Regional Final will be held at 3:30pm United Kingdom time on Thursday, 2 April 2020.
The Americas Regional Final will be held on Tuesday, 21 April 2020.

The Regional Final will be based 100% on presentation score. Advancing teams will be permitted to update their presentations prior to the Regional Final. Updated PowerPoint and print-ready PDF presentations must be submitted to by:

Asia Pacific – 8:00 PM Seoul time on 18 March 2020
EMEA – 8:00 PM United Kingdom time 1 April 2020

Americas – 20 April 2020

We will use Zoom to host a live Regional Final, where each team will present live for 10 minutes to a panel of judges. Immediately following the presentation, there will be a 10-minute question and answer session.

The Zoom event will be private due to technology limitations, but all host coordinators, faculty advisors of participating teams, and industry mentors of participating teams will be invited to observe their respective regional final. More details about joining will be forthcoming.

The top scoring team from the regional final presentations will have the opportunity to compete in the Global Final on 22 April.

ZOOM Details

Computer hardware compliant with the ZOOM standards can be reviewed here.

  1. Remote participants must have access to a sustained signal speed of 1.2 Mbps (up/down) for HD video, including screen sharing with video thumbnail; DO NOT connect via mobile phone data plans
  2. Remote participants must have access to webcam, speakers, and a microphone; audio/camera may be built-in, USB, or wireless Bluetooth option

ZOOM does not require a license for participation, however ZOOM does offer a free personal license should you wish to familiarize yourself with ZOOM functions. Additional help and tutorials are available at

Other Details

Judge Information:

  • Judges have not seen your reports and likely don’t know much about your subject company.
  • Judges will receive copies of your presentation slides (not including the appendix). We only provide the non-appendix slides because it is not practical for judges to flip through appendix slides during your presentation.

Presentation Submission Information:

  • As you know, unlike your reports, you are permitted to update the content of your presentation slides between the local level and regional competition to reflect the current market and any changes to your analysis.
  • Presentations will be submitted via the form link provided above. Presentations sent via email will not be accepted.
  • Save your video file as “University Name”.
  • Save your slides as “University Name_presentation” and “University Name_print” before submitting them.
  • Students are not authorized to use the CFA Institute logo.
  • The name of the competition is the CFA Institute Research Challenge and can only be referred to by that name. Variations of this name, including, but not limited to the Investment Research Challenge, the CFA Challenge, or the Global Research Challenge, will be removed or covered up. Any disruptions caused as a result will be the team’s responsibility – not CFA Institute’s.