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The CFA Institute Research Challenge is the largest equity research competition in the world. This annual program provides university students with hands-on mentoring and intensive training in financial analysis. For many students, the Research Challenge, along with the CFA Program, is a stepping-stone to a rewarding and successful career.

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5 March 2024


28 March 2024


2-3 April 2024


4-5 April 2024


16 May 2024

Past Participant Spotlight

Edison Sepulveda, CFA | Americas Regional Finalist, 2016

“At first, we were mostly practicing in front of other students. After our local competition, we picked up the pace and started presenting to people with backgrounds in communications and public relations to get feedback on our presentation skills.”

Mark Temnikov, CFA | Global Champion, 2018

“We started by analyzing what points were awarded for and where each team member could provide value. Then the strategy was simple: strive to be efficient and creative, with a touch of perfectionism, but always bring your strongest side to the team.”

María Claudia Rossi, CFA | Americas Regional Finalist, 2018

“As a team, everyone had a different and complementary set of skills, so what worked best was leveraging our diversity. We worked as an orchestra: each person took care of a specific part of the presentation, but all the music was made in coordination.”

BI Norwegian Business School – 2021 CFA Institute Research Challenge Global Finals

Champion Announcement – 2021 CFA Institute Research Challenge Global Finals

University of Sydney | 2020 Research Challenge Global Final

“The competition isn’t just about challenging other universities, but about challenging yourself each day to become better, learn more, and keep moving forward. Whether you win or lose, be 100% confident that the journey pays back in so many ways.”

Alaa Elemary | Egypt Local Winner, 2018

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