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Regional Judges

Presentation Judges should be CFA charterholders with at least seven years of experience as a senior level investment professional dealing specifically with fundamental company analysis. Presentation Judges must have strong communication and analytical skills. An advanced understanding of financial markets concepts and principles and a strong understanding of the investment process are necessary. It is not necessary to have experience in a specific sector. Presentation Judges should have command of the English language.

As a Judge, you will help provide students real world experience in presenting research results and analysis. Judges view each presentation as a sell-side presentation either to the buy side or to a director of research listening to and critiquing a member of his/her team. The student teams will present for ten minutes. Please hold all questions until the presentation is finished. Judges will then have ten minutes to ask questions. Questions should feed off the team presentations; however, it is a good idea to prepare one or two general questions in advance.

Judges will receive 4 CE credits for their participation. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].


Judge Guidelines

Previous Winning Presentations

Presentation Scoresheet

Local Host Coordinators

Local Host Coordinators oversee their local competition for their society. We provide a number of resources for hosts to use throughout their competition. Please contact us at [email protected] if you need access to the Host Coordinator Resources page.

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